IF you do signal transduction, oncology
or other preclinical research,

THEN you have probably been relying on
LC Labs products, directly or indirectly,
from the time you started your research

(unless you started more than ~41 years ago)

In Business for 41 Years - Since 1980, manufacturing and selling directly and through many distributors and other reagent-vendor customers worldwide, LC Laboratories has provided the biomedical research community with some of its most important small-molecule reagents.

Even if you just found our website or catalog yesterday, you have probably used one or many of our top-quality, widely-used products over the years, via purchases from any of our numerous reagent-vendor customers under their labels (some of these firms have merged or been acquired)*:

Sigma Biotrend Enzo RBI
Calbiochem Biovision Life Technologies Santa Cruz
Alexis/Axxora Cascade LKT Labs Tocris
Alomone Cayman MP Biomedical Upstate
Anawa Cell Signaling Technology Millipore Molecular Probes
Ascent Chemicon Molecular Probes Many Others
Biomol   Promega  


Consider the ultimate level of customer testimonials, namely, the enduring confidence in LC Labs that many other reagent vendors — including a number of large, famous, highly reputable firms respected the world over — have demonstrated by buying many hundreds of thousands of vials' worth of our products during the past 41 years*:

Bafilomycin A1 Fasudil Leptomycin B Resiniferatoxin
Brefeldin A FK-506 Lestaurtinib SB 202190
BIM I (GF 109203X) Forskolin LY 294002 SB 203180
Bryostatin 1 Genistein Okadaic Acid Staurosporine
Calyculin A Gö 6976 PD 98059 Thapsigargin
Chelerythrine HA-89 Phorbol Myristate Acetate U0126
Daidzein HA-1077 PKC412 Wortmanin
Equol K252a Prostratin Many Others
  K252c Rapamycin  


Relying on tens of thousands of publications:  not only might you have used LC Labs' products for many years yourself, you have also undoubtedly relied on data reported in the tens of thousands of publications that used our products, purchased directly from us or under our wholesale customers' labels, during the past 41 years.

*The company names listed above are respective trademarks owned by the respective companies.  LC Laboratories is independent of, and not affiliated with, these companies except to the extent that they are or have been customers of LC Laboratories.  The information presented here is not intended to imply (i) that any given company listed above has purchased any particular product listed above from LC Laboratories, nor (ii) that LC Laboratories is or has been the sole source of any particular product listed above for any given company listed above.

An unparalleled record of innovation for major signal transduction reagents:

1980 - LC Labs becomes the primary worldwide source of PMA (phorbol 12-myristate
13-acetate; TPA), and this has continued uninterrupted for 41 years — more than
150,000 vials sold

1989 - LC Labs provides the first high-purity, low-cost Thapsigargin to the research

1990 - first high-purity, low-cost Okadaic Acid

1991 - first high-purity, low-cost Calyculin A — and we remain the primary worldwide
source for this widely-used phosphatase inhibitor

1995 - first isomerically pure, low-cost Gö 6976

1996 - first high-purity, low-cost Bafilomycin A1

2002 - first high-purity, low-cost Rapamycin

2002 - first high-purity, low-cost FK-506

2003 - first high-purity, low-cost Leptomycin B

2004 - first high-purity, low-cost Staurosporine

2004 - first high-purity, low-cost Cyclopamine

2007 - LC Labs introduces the first group of high-purity, low-cost major Protein Kinase
Inhibitors for prelinical oncology and related research