B-1709 Bosutinib--Explanation of the Problem and Bosutinib Isomer 1, 99%

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  • M.W. 530.45
  • C26H29Cl2N5O3

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  • Bosutinib (SKI-606) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, more potent than imatinib.
  • Aside from the ongoing clinical studies, bosutinib is also used extensively in biomedical research laboratories around the world, for non-human, non-veterinary studies.
  • Very unfortunately, an incorrect isomer of bosutinib has been sold to laboratory researchers under the name "Bosutinib" by 17 vendors, for various periods as long as several years. For extensive information about this bosutinib problem, please visit http://www.pkcpharma.com/TwoOrMoreBosutinibs.html.
  • LC Laboratories is one of the 17 vendors that sold the incorrect bosutinib isomer under the name "Bosutinib", and the corresponding catalog number was B-1709.
  • To avoid confusion, we have permanently discontinued use of the B-1709 catalog number. All of the incorrect bosutinb isomer sold by LC Labs at any time was sold under the catalog number "B-1709" and name "Bosutinib, Free Base".
  • We have now produced our own correct bosutinib and unambiguously proven its structure by X-ray crystallography. We have assigned a new catalog number, B-1788, to this correct bosutinib product. Please see that product page for extensive information, sizes and prices -- Cat. No. B-1788, Bosutinib, Free Base
  • We now refer to the particular incorrect bosutinib isomer erroneously sold by the 17 vendors as "Bosutinib Isomer 1".
  • We have obtained unambiguous proof of the structure of Bosutinib Isomer 1 via X-ray crystallography, and we now offer this compound for sale under catalog number B-1722. Please see that product page for further information, sizes and prices -- Cat. No. B-1722, Bosutinib Isomer 1, Free Base
  • An 18th vendor has also sold incorrect bosutinib, specifically to the laboratory headed by Prof. Stefan Knapp. The incorrect version of bosutinib sold by this vendor has been unambiguously proven to be different from bosutinib but its actual structure has not yet been established.