Terms and Conditions of Sale, Warranties and General Information

Updated September 21, 2020

To Order, Contact:

165 New Boston Street - Woburn, MA 01801 USA
Tel: (800) 937-3720
Tel (Outside the U.S.): (781) 937-0777
Fax: (781)  938-5420
Email: [email protected]

For each product you wish to order, please specify name, catalog number, unit size and number of vials desired.  Our order department is available for telephone orders Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT.  Orders may also be placed 24 hours a day via fax or through our web site, www.LCLabs.com.  We prefer not to receive written confirmation of telephone orders. We are unable to ship our products to individuals not affiliated with an institution or firm.

1. Place Orders Directly to Our Woburn Offices From the U.S. and 32 other countries for free Shipping and Handling (see country list here).

Orders may be placed directly with our offices in Woburn, MA, using the above contact information, or on our web site at https://lclabs.com.  except orders for delivery to Australia or Israel, which should be placed with our distributors in those countries.

2. Place Orders Directly to Our Woburn Offices From 34 other countries for a Shipping and Handling fee of $129 (see country list here).

Orders may be placed directly with our offices in Woburn, MA, using the above contact information, or on our web site at https://lclabs.com for 34 additional countries for a Shipping and Handling fee of $129. 

3. Place Orders with our Distributors for the countries listed below.

Although we do not ship our products directly to customers in these countries, we do sell our products through our global distributor network.  Please place your orders directly with our distributors in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Greece, India, Israel, Russia and Turkey. 

4. Prices and Terms

Our prices and terms are effective as of January 1, 2022, F.O.B. Woburn, MA, Net 30 days (subject to credit approval), and are subject to change without prior notice; please visit www.LCLabs.com for the most up-to-date pricing information. Prices are shown in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling and Japanese Yen. 

5. Purity Designations

Specification      Test Result Range
    > 99.5%    99.45 - 99.99%
    > 99%    99.01 - 99.99%
       99%    98.75 - 99.99%
    > 98.5%    98.45 - 99.99%
    > 98%    98.01 - 99.99%

Our purity specifications are based on elemental analysis, NMR, TLC, and HPLC analyses. Each of these analytical methods contributes to the assessment of purity. Elemental analysis is particularly important because it detects impurities that cannot be detected by routine NMR, TLC, HPLC or mass spectrometry. Our HPLC purity figures are based on UV absorbance detection and integration of relative peak areas. Our purity specifications do not include residual solvents or water, which are in most cases less than 5% by weight.

We presently do not sell any catalog-numbered products that test lower than 98.01%, except for rare cases where slight instability or other purification problems necessitate a lower purity specification.
Also, upon special request we occasionally do sell compounds of lower than 98% purity, but only by special arrangement, on a case-by-case basis, and never under our regular catalog numbers.

6. The Highest Purity and the Lowest Prices

We advertise our products as having, “The highest purity and the lowest prices.”

Generally, the prices of each size of each of our products are lower than the prices charged by other vendors whose products and public information policies conform to the criteria set forth in our price comparison tables.
Also, generally, our products are virtually always the highest purity available.

It will occasionally be the case that a few of our prices will not be the lowest compared to those of other vendors on our price comparison tables for a small number of sizes and/or products of equal purity.  But for the vast majority of our products we do indeed offer the highest purities at the lowest prices.  And, very rarely, there may be cases where the purity of a given product is lower than the purity claimed by one or more other vendors.

7. Credit Cards

We Accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB.

8. In-Stock Orders Shipped within 1 Business Day

Subject to credit requirements and delays related to communications such as pro forma invoices or other paperwork needing to be confirmed or resolved, orders for in-stock products are shipped within 1 business day after the ordering process is completed.

9. Domestic Order and Shipments

Orders may be placed by phone, fax, ordinary mail or via our web site, www.LCLabs.com, for shipment to established institutions.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ORDER CONFIRMATIONS—THIS OFTEN RESULTS IN DUPLICATE ORDERS! Shipping and handling charges, insurance where appropriate, and any special packaging charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice. Unless otherwise specified, your order will be shipped through, Fedex or UPS to arrive in the afternoon of the following day. Next day morning services are also available; additional charges will apply. We do not offer ground or second day air shipment.

10. Sales and Shipments Outside the U.S.

Orders may be placed directly to our U.S. headquarters in Woburn, MA, USA from the U.S. or from any of the 32 countries to which we currently offer free shipping for our products. We do ship to an additional 34 countries for a Shipping and Handling fee of $129 (see #2 above) and to an additional 10 countries (see #3 above) exclusively through our network of global distributors.  Orders from most countries (other than Japan and most members of the European Union) must be paid by credit card at the time of ordering or in advance by check or wire in U.S. Dollars. If you choose a different carrier, additional charges may apply.  Please clearly specify your choice of carrier when your order is placed. We will choose an appropriate customs broker for import clearance unless you specify your preferred choice at the time your order is placed. All duties, tariffs, taxes, and broker fees must be paid by the customer.

11. Free Shipping and Handling

Please note that recipients outside the U.S. must pay all taxes, tariffs, duties, brokerage fees, etc.

12. No Ice Needed During Shipping

Although many of our products require storage at -20 oC for optimal long-term stability, all of our products are stable for at least several weeks at ambient temperatures in summer and winter.  Thus, all products are shipped at ambient temperature without risk of degradation; there is no need for blue ice or dry ice during shipment of any of our products.

13. Minimum Order

There is no minimum order; all requests for our products are welcomed.

14. Quantity Discounts

Larger quantities of listed compounds are usually available at significant discounts. Please contact us for more information.

15. Returns

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. In the event of any damage or discrepancy, please inform us immediately. Goods may not be returned for credit except with our authorization and in compliance with our return shipment instructions. If the reason for return is not our fault, a 25% restocking charge will apply.

16. Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis

Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis for the compounds that LC Laboratories® offers for sale are available at www.lclabs.com.

17. Use of Our Products

The compounds are for research use only, and are not for human, veterinary, food or household use.  These products may be covered by composition-of-matter, use, or process patents. No license under any patent is granted or implied.  We assume no liability for damages or penalties resulting from use of the information or products provided herein, nor should a listing of any product or description of use be construed as a license to operate under, or a recommendation to infringe, any patent.

Many of our products are offered for R&D use in accordance with (i) 35 USC 271(e)+A13(1) in the U.S.; (ii) Section 69.1 of Japanese Patent Law in Japan; (iii) Section 11, No. 2 of the German Patent Act of 1981 in Germany; (iv) Section 60, Paragraph 5b of the U.K. Patents Act of 1977 in the U.K.; (v) Sections 55.2(1) and 55.2(6) and other common law exemptions of Canadian patent law; (vi) Section 68B of the Patents Act of 1953 in New Zealand together with the amendment of same by the Statutes Amendment Bill of 2002; (vii) such related legislation and/or case law as may be or become applicable in the aforementioned countries; and (viii) such similar laws and rules as may apply in various other countries.

Some products may not be available in some countries, not available to some institutions, and/or not available for some uses.

18. Warranties

We warrant that our products, at the time of shipment, conform to the descriptions as provided in our catalog, analytical information report, or our other literature, if furnished to Buyer. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE, AND LC LABORATORIES® MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Since we cannot be certain of your handling, storage or application of our chemicals, we offer no warranties regarding use, and will not be responsible for any loss involving their use.

Our sole and exclusive liability with respect to any product proved to our satisfaction (within one year of purchase) to be defective shall be the replacement of such products without charge, or refund of the purchase price, at our sole discretion, upon the return of such products in accordance with our instructions. LC LABORATORIES® SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR CONTINGENT DAMAGES.